Owner-built barn
designed with alpacas in
The Alpaca Barn
(2 years in the making)
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To make the most of
your beautiful
alpaca fiber we offer
fiber sorting. Janet
is an apprentice
sorter for the Coarse
BroadsTM system.

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One of the many barn-swallow
nests that are built in our barn
each year. This season we had
double clutches.
-Starry Night Alpacas-
Farm, and Fiber Studio
We're located in central
New Hampshire in the
Lake Sunapee area.
Warner is a quaint New
England town just off of
I-89. We offer some of
the very best alpacas and
our customer service is
second to none.
Silas of Bolivia and C'est
Toute sharing a meal
Our herd started with
Bolivian Vesuvius, a
true-black macho, with
national recognition. Our
first girls were from
Peruvian bloodlines. We
decided to add some
Bolivian girls to work
with a bloodline
(Bolivian) that is quite
small in numbers. Silas of
Bolivia and Bolivian
Mocha were added to the
herd. With this we had
three known-and-proven
herd sires to produce
quality alpacas.
Throughout the years we
have also bred our girls
to well-known Peruvian
bloodlines. Our
award-winning alpacas
have been sold to farms
across the US: Florida,
Colorado, Iowa, Maine,
New Hampshire, New
Jersey, New York, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, and Texas.
Some of the farms we
have sold to are: Alpacas
of the Ark, Brookhollow,
Eye of the Needle, Hidden
Hill Farm, Jersey
Breeders, Magical Farm,
Mile High Alpacas, Peeka
Ranch, and Sunset Hills

Our country store is open
Saturday and Sunday from 10
to 2, or by appointment at
603.456.3289. Click here for fine
Alpaca Products
Tokai, a Hungarian Komondor,
an LGD-livestock guardian
dog-is relaxing with her wards.