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Fiber Sorting and Grading Service-
the “Coarse Broads” Way

Get the most from your alpaca fiber by letting us sort it. This process can be done at shearing,
or at a later date from "the bag." If fiber is sorted on shearing day, sorting will be done for the
year. Either way you will end up with fiber that will give you a superior end product. Your fiber
will be sorted by color, grade, and length. This service also includes a fiber sort summary for
your herd. With this information you can improve your marketing, breeding, and general
management decisions. Once sorted your fiber can be used in many ways: including personal
use, mini mills, and fiber pools. One option is the North American Alpaca Fiber Pool located in
Idaho. It only accepts fiber sorted from a "Coarse Broad" sorter or apprentice sorter.

NAAFP alpaca products are some of the finest available anywhere.

To book us for fiber sorting kindly call 603.456.3289.

These are comments NAAFP has received from across the US regarding the benefits of sorting
alpaca fiber:

From John at Frankenmuth Woolen Mill:
You experienced a 9% processing loss. Our typical loss of the alpaca we run is usually more like
15% - 20% processing loss. So I am very impressed with the fiber you have sent in. I give this
alpaca a score of 9.75 out of 10 (10 being the best) and my typical experience is more like 6. I
suggest that NAAFP members may want to start to raise some wool on the side since you're so
good at alpaca.

From John Colony, President, Chick Colony at Harrisville Designs:
I am writing to let you know that we are finding that the sorted alpaca fiber that we are
spinning for you is a far superior product to the unsorted fibers that we have attempted to spin
before. The quality and consistency of your fiber is allowing us to spin a yarn without adding a
substantial quantity of wool as we have had to do with other alpaca lots.
You and your members should be commended on developing this concept of sorting the fiber to
achieve a better quality end product. Alpaca is a wonderful fiber, but only if it is prepared
properly before spinning. I believe that the care and attention to the special qualities of the
fiber that you are promoting will allow you to achieve vastly superior quality yarns. Keep up
the good work.

From Debbie Lipinski at Georgia Mountain Fibers:
The quality of the sorting was excellent. Handle, grade, and staple length were very uniform
and it was apparent that this fiber project was handled very professionally with an extreme
amount of thought, practicality, and consideration. It is always a pleasure to work with fiber
that has been prepared this carefully. It is highly apparent that the success of the alpaca fiber
industry is top priority when you see NAAFP-sorted fiber! At the Georgia Mountain Fiber Mill,
we have a sign in our break room - "PLEASURE IN THE JOB PUTS PERFECTION IN THE
WORK" - ARISTOTLE. We have appreciated working with NAAFP. The perfection of their
work shows in their true pleasure in the building of a quality Alpaca Fiber Industry!

And from Carolyn Doe Designs of Knit Designers:
As a knitwear designer, I knit every day. I choose only yarns that are a total pleasure to work
with. Certified Sorted North American Alpaca yarns are a high quality yarn that are
luxuriously soft and warm, yet surprisingly lofty and light. They feel wonderful!
I can highly recommend their yarns for use in any of my patterns. Not only are they a joy
to knit with, but a joy to wear as well.

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